A whol’a Aloha!

Woohoo – I’m stoked you are here, wherever you are! Where are you, anyway? Still sitting in that stuffy office where the only ray of light is the tropical island photo on your screensaver? Feeling trapped in the super-settled life of your middle ages?

Or already lounging in that hammock on the beach, sipping a five-colored cocktail and making sure your flip-flops show on Insta? Are you living the dream, or still dreaming of living the life, or the dream, or whatever it is you wanna live?


No matter who, where, or what you are, I hope my travel stories & pics will inspire you to get up and get going. Even if it is just the block down the street you’ve never been to.

So stop bingewatching Netflix! Because real life is when you

  • come to Asia first time and find a hu-mun-gous cockroach in your bedroom just as you were about to peacefully slumber
  • are depressed and hope that Balinese healer will put you back on track, when all he puts are his fingers down your howdareyoutouchthis
  • never cared about Asian men and suddenly find yourself in a relationship with a totally tattoed, touchy Thai guy. A relationship that makes Richard and Liz look like absolute drama beginners.

In shorts: Stop living by proxy, start living by foxy!


Below you can see what this might do to you. Think twice:

Do you really want to swap job slavery and living for the weekend with eternal sunshine and fulfillment?

Do you really want to go from Mount Doom to Shakalakaboom?

Be warned!

You might enjoy your new life. You might wonder what on earth took you so long. You might want to stay on the road forever. You might even be so crazy as to get happy. Yikes!

BEFORE: moody, broody, gloomy

AFTER: yay, hooray, yippee aye!

Curious how this change came about? Well, inspiring you with that story is one of the purposes of this travel blog.

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